Life of a bodybuilder – part 2

After my return back from Spain back to England I went back to work and “normal” life. I didn`t feel very good because I was almost 15kg overweight but I started with my regular weight training and also some cardio. People in the gym were making funny jokes about me, that this cannot be me, must be my twin brother and very spicy comments like “fatty” or “fat bodybuilder”. All what I was thinking was “just wait and you`ll see….” I was in shape all my life, never dieted before. I always trained for life and ate for life so I looked good. I remember my holiday in Bulgaria back in 2005 where I was eating pizza almost every day because I couldn`t speak english and there was only one place I found where to eat – pizza restaurant… After 11 days of holiday and no training at all I still had a six pack and didn`t lose any of my strength. So I never had to be worry about “being fat”.

After a month or so after my return from Spain I was attending “Semi show” in London where I met Bruce Lee widow and his daughter and other well known people but most importantly I met there one guy at “Bnbf stand” and he gave me leaflet. There was a calendar of competitions for this year and it`s said Natural Bodybuilding. So I asked him what does this mean and he explained to me that they have policy of seven years drug free. I took the leaflet and the same day contacted Pete Bullard and told him about that. He said that he knows Bnbf and that he competed with them in the past. So again with his encouragement I decided to try it one more time. This time with Natural Bodybuilding organization called Bnbf. Pete told me that I must do it, that it`s gonna be different and I am sure will love it. Basically I did the same thing, diet, cardio, workouts four times a week…. Same work 12 hours shifts at night…I was determined to do it again, stand on the stage and be the best I can be. The show was in August and I was little bit behind due to the fact that I gained so much fat during my holiday in Spain… So I had to do more cardio and diet was little bit more strict. But I loved it. Every bit of it. This time I was preparing I think 12 weeks compared to my first show where I did prepare for less than 8 weeks.

I was in Novice category and I could see real difference. All these guys looked more “natural” to me and I feel very confidence. The judges were calling my name few times and I knew it is a good sign. I was battling for second or third place. The first place was obvious. I placed 3rd and got one big trophy. I was over the moon. So happy. I am sure I didn`t sleep much that night. I had a great feedback from judges, especially about my strong legs. But I knew my posing was poor and there were other aspects of my body that I needed to work on ( back width, arms, shoulders, more definition etc. ). I had some dark chocolate digestive cookies that evening. Next morning I was determined to do another show. It was august and there were not many show available. Bnbf southern I just entered was the last qualifier for the British finals. I google another shows with Natural Bodybuilding and found out that there is another Natural federation called NPA – Natural Physique Association. It was the only lifetime natural federation. There was one more qualifier with them on September and I had two weeks to prepare. I quickly filled my application/ entry form. I was already in great contest shape and didn`t know what to do really. So I just kept doing same thing – training, dieting, cardio, posing… But because my diet was very strict at the time and I was doing a lot of cardio plus all the work I was doing during night I was craving all the sweets but mainly….PEANUT BUTTER! I remember eating whole jar of crunchy peanut butter 10 days before the NPA contest!! I was so freaked out that every day I doubled my cardio and started to do power walk in the evening after my work. I was tired. But I was so determined to make this happen. I feel like this is for me. This is the way of life. I entered Novice category and there was one black guy, big muscle bellies, tall, I was thinking OMG, how can I beat that guy? I don`t know how but I won! I was on my own, traveled by train many hours to get there and I won one big trophy, another one in just two weeks and another British finals invite!! I was over the moon. I had a great feedback from judges. I couldn`t stop smiling on my way home, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 🙂 I slept with the trophy that night.

I had four – six weeks until Bnbf British finals and NPA British finals. But something felt wrong. I had no energy. My pump was gone. I didn`t look as good. My diet was strict with almost no carbs and I was doing tons of cardio….My legs were tired. I could barely lift any weights. I`ve got sick and had fewer couple of days before Bnbf British finals in Glasgow. I went there by car with one of my friend from work, Bruno and his girlfriend. It was my first time staying in the hotel while competing. I loved it. Completely different experience. I felt like a champion bodybuilder 🙂 Everybody had to do polygraph testing and we got some bags with some goodies. I competed in Novice class and didn`t place. I went to talk to judges after the finals and had some good feedback so I knew why I didn`t place and what to improve for my next show. It was a great experience.

Another British finals were around the corner – NPA British finals, Novice class. What a line up! I couldn`t believe how big these guys were competing in this Novice class! I did my best and certainly enjoyed it more that previous British finals in Glasgow. I placed fourth and got my silver trophy. I was very happy with that. I weighted around 72kg…The guy who came second, Richard Gozdiecky weighted around 84kg… One of my friend from work was there with me, it was his first time watching bodybuilding show. I was so grateful that he came as I didn`t have a car and just couldn`t afford to stay in the hotel again. I met another great people, talked to judges, got a great feedback. My first competitive year was over. I just found my passion. Natural Bodybuilding.

To be continued…

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