New training program

Just started with my new training – 3 days weight training and 3 days drills.
Here is the program:

1) Back,biceps
2) Drills
3) Chest,shoulders,triceps
4) Drills
5) Legs
6) Drills
7) Off

*Drills – sprints,hill sprints,steps,prowlers work,rope climbing,box jumps,KB swings,plyometric,abs,calves,forearms – will pick 3 or 4 on depend how i feel on that day.

Today training –  Back&biceps:

Deadlift – 10r 100kg, 10r 140kg – warm up; 8r 160kg, 8r 180kg, 6r 200kg *using belt only from 180kg&up – havent done this exercise for some time; feel strong.

Close-grip pulldowns – 12r 87,5kg, 10r, 8r 95kg  – no warms ups here,jumped straight to working set

Wide-grip pull ups to front – 3x12r BW – this is my biggest challenge – still feel my left shoulders so no add.weight here – focus on contraction,nice and slow,holding at top

Bent-over rows – 10r 110kg, 8r 120kg, 6r 130kg *using belt and chalk;overhand grip; used wrist straps on last set – strong here

Seated cable rows(using V-handle for close grip) – 8r 92,5kg 8,8r 100kg

Barbell curls – 10r 47,5kg  8r 52,5kg 6r 57,5kg (last 2 reps with cheating)

Incline DB curls(30 degree incline) – 8,7r 22,5kg

Seated DB curls – 6,6r 20kg

Training done in 60minutes

Great workout, had amazing pump, intensity was very high, loved it! Today was nice sunny day outside and could feel it how this sunshine was giving me plenty of energy 🙂

Tomorrow morning drills at 5am – its gonna be very chilly morning!

Love what you do and do it with all your heart… M.

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