No easy way

Legs today – I`ve been waiting for this all week – love to train legs – its fo rme more mental training – only here you can see different between boys and men 🙂

Rack squat – settle pins low enough just below paralel – 3 sets of warm up; 10r 140kg, 8r 150kg, 6r 160kg – havent done them in a while – great exercise but bloody hard!

Leg press – 12r 300kg, 10r 350kg, 5r 390kg + 1x drop set 10r 250kg

Barbell lunges – 10r 60kg, 8r 70kg, 8r 80kg

Lying leg curls – 10r 50kg, 8r 55kg, 6r 60kg

Stiff-leg dumbbell deadlift – 3x10r 55kg DB

Abs: combo – Seated tucks 3×30
                      Crunch with twist 3×30 each site

All done in less then 60min. Stretching&foam rolling for recovery. Great workout today – feel so good after.

Stop looking for the easy way. The easy way will not help you. The challenge is what builds you. The machines that allow you to sit down, lay down… They do nothing for building you into a bad mother f..ker.
Grab the iron. Rip it from the ground. Push, pull, squat, carry. High volume or high intensity. The short cut?
How about we kill all short cuts and only seek out the hard way? I always tell the clients/athletes I train, “Do not let me be the most motivated, most intense guy in this room.”  I honestly wonder, do I want to see you succeed more than you want success yourself? Don`t let it be that way. Don`t wait for me to inspire you. Pull it from within. Inspire yourself. Own your discipline and self motivation. The training yes, I will guide you and help you with. But, if you don`t bring your intensity, your attitude and your commitment, none of my training will work. Ever. Remember, it`s not just about the numbers in the gym. It`s not just about squats, deadlifts and the like. It`s about being a Warrior in your life. Don`t be one of a million. Be one in a million.

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