Old School Bodybuilding #2

I covered Monday session in previous blog where I trained chest, triceps and calves. I will cover today Tuesday session which was back, biceps, abs.

Trap bar deadlift ( bar is 45 or more ) 10r bar, 10r 2x45lbs +bar, 10r 4x45lbs+bar, 5r 6x45lbs+bar, 3r 8x45lbs+bar, 1r 455lbs, 3x1r 495lbs/224kg *using belt & chalk

One-arm dumbbell row 10,8reps 150lbs/68kg DB *using belt & wrist straps


T-bar rows 10r 210lbs/95kg, 8r 235lbs/106,5kg *using belt & chalk

Seated cable rows (V-handle) 12,10 r 250lbs/113kg
Barbell pullover 2×12 r bar (45lbs) *doing this with very light weight, I injured my left arm/shoulder/latissimus in february while skiing in the mountains


Thick bar curls 12r 40lbs + bar (55lbs), 10r 50lbs + bar (55lbs) *using fat gripz


Weighted crunch 2x15r 110lbs DB on my chest

* Stretching & foam rolling at the end.

Another great session. Strong. Intense. Focused. Fast.

I did yoga in the morning ( leg focus ) and trained afternoon in the gym.

Old School Bodybuilding for Strong – Healthy – Fit LIFE.

Wednesday was day off but I went for little hike and then to swimming pool for 30min.



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