Old School Bodybuilding #3

Trained shoulders and calves yesterday. Here is the insight:

Standing thick bar rack shoulder press 10r bar ( 55lbs ), 10r 2x25lbs + bar, 5r 2x45lbs +bar, 3r 2x55lbs + bar, 1r 185lbs, 1r 205lbs, 1r 215lbs, 1r 225lbs, 2x1r 235lbs/106,5kg *using fat gripz

One-arm dumbbell laterals 12r 45lbs, 10r 55lbs each arm


Bent-over laterals 12r 50lbs, 10r 55lbs

Seated thick dumbbell shoulder press 12,10r 70lbs *using fat gripz

Reverse pec-deck 12r 140lbs, 10r 150lbs

Dumbbell shrugs 2x12r 180lbs/81,5kg DB in each hand *using belt & wrist straps



Seated calf raises 2x15r 225lbs
Standing calf raises 2x15r 495lbs
Donkey calf raises machine 2x15r 400lbs

*Stretching & foam rolling at the end.

Feel stronger and stronger each session. After last year shoulder injury I couldn`t do any benchpress or pressing movement at all. So I am happy with progress so far. Never felt better.

Old School Bodybuilding for Strong – Healthy – Fit LIFE.



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