Old School Bodybuilding #4

Trained legs yesterday. Friday is a leg day for me for the past few years because my legs were always very strong and even on friday I can train them very hard.

Here is the workout:

Front machine squats 10r bar ( not sure how heavy is bar on this one ) 10r 90lbs + bar, 10r 180lbs + bar, 5r 230lbs + bar, 3r 270lbs +bar, 2x1r 320lbs + bar *using belt & chalk

Stiff leg deadlift 8r 315lbs/143kg, 8r 365lbs/165kg *using belt & wrist straps

Leg press 2x10r 675lbs/306kg

Step up on box with DB 2x10r each leg with 50lbs DB

Leg extensions 10,8r 220lbs/100kg ( all stack )

Lying leg curls 12,8r pin 10 ( all stack )

ABS: Hanging leg raises ( toes over top ) 15,12 r BW

*Stretching & foam rolling at the end.

Drills today – outside – fresh air – on the sun – can`t wait for fitness – agility movements!

Old School Bodybuilding for Strong – Healthy – Fit LIFE.



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