Old School Bodybuilding

This week I am going to write about my recent training program. I have never felt stronger in my life. It is a bit scary as I know that the heavier I will go with weights the bigger chance that I might get injured. But I am listening to my body and always trying to remember “train for strength; don’t demonstrate it in the gym”.

My current program is focused on power/strength movement early in the workout followed by bodybuilding moves and on off days I`ll do “drills” for fitness and agility.

Here is today session:

Chest, triceps, calves

Thick bar rack benchpress 285 lbs/129 kg for couple of singles *after warm up
Top position rack bench holds 465 lbs/211 kg 10 seconds x 3 rounds
Incline DB press 2x12r 100 lbs DB


Incline DB fly 12r 65 lbs, 9r 75 lbs
Dips 15,10r BW (205 lbs) *thick bars on dipping machine

Thick bar close-grip benchpress off the pins 265 lbs/120 kg for couple of singles *after warm up


Ez-bar triceps extensions 12r 105 lbs, 12r 110 lbs
Triceps pushdowns 2x12r

Calves: Combo:
Standing calf raises 2x15r 495 lbs/224 kg
Seated calf raises 2x15r 225 lbs/102 kg
Donkey calf raises machine 2x15r 400 lbs/181 kg
*stretching & foam rolling at the end.

All done in less than 45min. Trained in World Gym San Diego, CA, US.

Old School Bodybuilding for Strong – Healthy – Fit LIFE.

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