One thing more important than muscles…

Everyone is talking about getting big, getting jacked up, doing more pull ups, getting a bigger deadlift, benchpress… In the world we live in, there is plenty of great looking people, ripped up and looking like carved statues. 
But one thing that is more important is not how you look…  It is how you live. How hard you work. The dedication you put into the things you do. The discipline that you don`t post on instagram or facebook. 
After so many years of being a personal trainer I have worked with some shady people. People who don’t care for ethics and people who don’t care for excellence. What if those people could  deadlift 800lbs and were ripped up like a model?  Those physical features don’t make up for the bad features.
I know that judging is not good. The point here is to look within yourself. How can you be better starting  from the inside, not just the outside? I do this myself daily. 
I know I will never be perfect but I must get better. This all starts on the inside.

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