Recovery work & Rest days

In this blog I am going to talk about recovery work. When we exercise, muscles are tearing apart but this help them to get bigger and stronger as they heal. Soreness only means there are changes occurring in those muscles.

When you exercise, heart rate increases to circulate more oxygen at a quicker pace. The more you exercise, the more efficient the heart becomes.

So you see how important is training. Don`t get me wrong here – I love training. But as much as I love training I know how important is recovery and my rest days off gym.

Just to give you some recovery ideas:

+foam rolling
+deep tissue massage
+cold shower/hot shower
+good quality sleep at least 8h
+having a nap during the day if necessary
+last but not least good quality organic food and supplements

I personaly love stretching, foam rolling, massage, yoga and powerwalk. I apply cold/hot shower before bed most of the time too and if I have a chance I go to sauna. I make sure that I sleep at least 8hours a day and if I can`t match that I will try to have some little nap during the day or in the afternoon.
I stretch after every workout and than in the evening before bed. Same with the foam rolling. I am trying to do some yoga lately, at least 1-3 times a week and I can`t believe the results! I feel fantastic!! I am stronger than ever.
I do weight training four times a week and one or two times I do drills – very fast, intense workout but very short for example hill sprint, skipping rope, box jumps, kettlebell swing, TRX pull ups straps, TRX press ups straps all done in 15-20min. Without any rest. I call it active recovery.
I would definitely recommend you at least one deep tissue massage a week, you would be surprise by the results. Find a good masseur and chiropractor and take care of your body.
I also take my Udo`s Oil Blend Omega 3-6-9 for recovery. I`ll take 2tbsp every morning with my oatmeal and another 2tbsp in the afternoon and evening with my meals – just sprinkle on salad or I`ll use it in my smoothie. These Omega 3 6 9 fatty acids help you to recover faster from your workout or any demanding exercise. I am big fan of all good fat and love my Udo`s Oil. I have been using it for nine years now and it has been a great addition to my diet. I take my food seriously.
It is very simple – what you put in – you`ll get. So take care of your body and your health and your body will take care of you. Don`t be afraid to rest if you feel tired. Don`t beat yourself up in the gym. Always leave something in the tank when you train so you are excited about your next workout. Don`t demonstrate strength in the gym, train for the strength. Listen to your body. And take your rest days seriously too!

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