I watched the movie The Theory of everything last week and I think there is 
no better time to write about “time”. 

Time. Without a doubt is our most precious commodity.
There never seems to be enough hours in the day for most of us making 
a headway in this life. I would like, in this blog try to make you focus on 
spending your time gift much more wisely.I want to mull over the choices 
you have made in your life.
What direction have you taken?
Are you happy?
If not – how can I be happy?
Do you look for opportunities?
Or do you spend your day’s caught up in crap that does not really matter?
The thing here is, you have to take action now.
If it’s a new life you are wanting – there is only YOU that can make that 
happen, get that – only you.
Action needs to be taken.
Read that again. Action needs to be taken.
Look, we all think – next week – next year – I will start doing that then, 
you say to yourself. The time is now-start now – find your thing and be it-live 
it and spend the time you have on living.

I remember the Brandon Lee movie the Crow in the interview section of the 
DVD Brandon quoted this passage below from the 1949 novel The Sheltering 
Sky by Paul Bowles.

“Because we do not know when we will die, we get to think of life as an 
inexhaustible well,
and yet everything happens only a certain number of times .
How many more times will you remember
a certain afternoon of your 
that is so deeply a part of your being
you can’t even conceive of 
your life without it?Perhaps four or five times more?
Perhaps not even that.

How many more times will you watch the full moon rise?
Perhaps, twenty. 
And yet it all seems limitless.”I have never forgot this quote, spoken so well 
by Brandon. As most of us may or may not know – died making that movie, 
in tragic unexplained events.There has been many times since reading this 
quote that I have stopped and looked at things in a completely different light. 
The written word can – if you open up to it, have so much influence on your 
decisions and paths you take.You have one shot here on this earth look for 
those things that slap you in the face and move towards them if your heart 
tells you it’s the right thing to do.

I do what I love to do and it really embarrasses me when people waste time 
and life on not being in the place they want to be in life.
Look, you can make changes.The time is now.
If there is something you want to do in this world – do it.
Don’t give me shit –you have baggage – money issues – kids – on and on.
Billions of people do.
This is about you, if you want to live life your way, do it and do it now.
One life. Only you do it.

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